Something is inviting and summoning about a castle high on a hill. Something in one’s soul wants to reach for it — this is the soul’s yearning for wholeness.


To discover the Grail is to realize the highest and deepest form of psychological maturity and spiritual fulfillment. This Grail experience is possible for all of us, if only we know where and how to look.

Today many men live with an incredible amount of stress and with great pressure to perform. They find themselves often pursuing goals that are not their own, or worse, goals that are foreign to their truest nature. However, each man has within himself an untapped resource that can significantly assist him in his quest for meaning and purpose.

Search for the Grail: A Man’s Guide for Developing an Inner Life is a practical, easy reading book that can help the average man learn to use his dreams and inner reflections to evaluate the effectiveness of his current life choices. When a man develops a relationship with his inner world, he begins to see his way through the myriad of social voices in order to listen to his own authentic voice from within— to discover his own personal Grail.

Search for the Grail tells the story of a medieval Grail hero Parzival, and presents this tale as a roadmap and metaphor for a man’s journey and search for psychological maturity and spiritual fulfillment. Each chapter also contains simple and direct guidance for working with one’s dreams and practical tools to apply the dream’s meaning to one’s real life. A series of questions are provided at the end of each chapter to help a man reflect and focus on his own life’s journey.

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